Preparing artwork for print for the first time can be quite daunting. Our team are on hand to help you every step of the way. Just call us on 01706 818163 and let us help you.


We’re often asked many questions so, here are a few of the most popular and frequently asked questions answered:

Can I collect my order in person?

You are more than welcome to visit our studio in person to collect your print order. For larger orders please ensure that you arrange your own transport / vehicle as boxes of print can be heavy.

Can you print jobs that are non-standard in size/format?

Yes, we can! Just call us on 01706 818163 to discuss your requirements. We will work to find you a solution, whatever the requirement.

What is the difference between RGB and CMYK?

RGB and CMYK are two terms used to describe colour output. RGB (short for Red, Green and Blue) are the colours used on-screen by display monitors (computers, phones, cameras, TVs etc.). CMYK (often referred to as Process or 4 Colour) are the ink colours used in printing (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black).


There can be differences in the appearance of artwork on-screen (seen in RGB) and the finished print job (printed in CMYK). We always recommend that you design your artwork using CMYK colours to avoid noticeable differences between the on-screen version and final printed job.

I don’t know what paper to order, what is GSM?

GSM or ‘Grammage’ is a way of describing the mass of paper as Grams per Square Metre (g/m2). Typical desktop or office paper has a grammage of 80gsm, whilst the paper (or, stock as it is often referred to) for business cards would be thicker/heavier at 350gsm.

What is ‘bleed’?

‘Bleed’ is the area of artwork that goes beyond edge of the printed sheet i.e for images, photographs and coloured backgrounds. Adding the bleed area to artwork ensures that no unprinted or white edges appear on your finished print. Please ensure that you add 3mm bleed to your artwork as indicated in our Downloads.

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